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About came to life through a lifetime passion of being outdoors, stemming from growing up on a farm in southern Illinois.   

I have a passion for spending time in the outdoors.   I love hunting and fishing, however proper management of the game species is truly an important factor for future hunts.   I was introduced to proper quail covey management when I started hunting with my father at the age 5 (I was the one that flushed the birds, once the dog pointed).   I learned that we only shot 2 to 3 birds out of a covey of 8 or more, to ensure the overall growth and number of birds in the covey.   To this day, that sentiment still is in my mind from time to time.


In the past, I've worked with representatives from:

  • Ducks Unlimited

  • Quail Unlimited

  • Whitetail Forever

  • Wild Turkey Federation

  • Illinois Fish and Game


We can help you with a lot of things.   We know people who can all work together to help make your dream come true.

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